White board pen
Shiny white board.Notably bright colors do not break the board surface..It can be removed easily. No pungent smell.Mixed colors (orange, pink, purple, blue, green, yellow). Pen size 1-3 mm (depending on degree of writing)
Packing: 6 pcs / pack
Stationery set
1 pencil pencil
2B Radial Pencil Lead 1 Tubes
Eraser Tinky 1
Ruler one 16 cm rostrum
Pencil Sharpener
1 pencil sharpener. Compact design, portable and colorful.Large pencil box Can open the lid to quickly remove the pencil. Suitable for sharpening pencils. Mixed Colors (Green, Pink, Blue)
Color wood pencil- Frog Series Master Art Series
3.3 mm.
Smooth texture, long lasting color
Not fragile, easy to use.
Free 1 Sharpener in box
Packaging: 48,60 and 72 colors long shade
Marker Pens - Black, Blue and Red Colors
2-Mark Marker.Ink dries quickly The smell is not intense and harmless.Suitable for writing paper, foam, plastic, steel, wood. Pen size 1-3 mm. Packing: 12 pcs / pack
CD Pens-Blue, red and black color
Fast dry ink does not fade. Can be printed on CD surface, DVD disc, film and transparencies. Including plastic, steel, wood, fabric and leather, glass and ceramics. Ink color can not be removed (Permanent) Pen size 1 mm (M)
Packing: 3 pcs / pack
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