Various Types and Color Staplers
Made of durable metal, lightweight.The end of the press is covered with solid plastic. Under the base of the rubber sheet. Prevents slipping when in use.
Color: mixed
Various sizes for staples
Manufactured from strong wire, soft touch, no pressure.
Triangle Cut (deep cut)
Standardized machine production
Varous sizes for scissors
High quality stainless steel blade, strong and durable.
Plastic handle color quality standard hand.
Suitable for cutting paper, ribbon, fabric or other materials. Appropriate
Stamp pads
Rugged, durable and lightweight metal casing.Fleece The ink is very long. Ink well.Lead-free ink Do not bite the rubber to damage non-toxic.
Color: White
Stamper refill Ink
High quality ink, fast drying,
waterproof 99%
Used to fill all kinds of ink stamps.
Color: Mixed
Paper clip
Made of special nickel plated wire.
Long lasting shine, no rust.
Include temporary documents Do not damage the paper.
Shape: Round, square and triangle
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