File Clip
PP plastic cover 1.5 mm thickness. Office color tone durable waterproof scratch.Standard Metal Pliers Hold the document firmly, do not fall off the press.
Sticker, cover and rattle sticker Categorize Easy and fast search.Finger Ring on the bottom of the file is easy to grasp.
Computer file - Black,red, blue & green color
Plastic coated PP plastic cover, water resistant, not torn or bent.Aluminum sliding clip Extra durable with wire clip.Nylon 66 wire clip withstands tight grip. FLEXI PRONG FILM HARDWARE. Store documents up to 7 inches thick.
A4 Plastic Pouch
High quality plastic wrap. Open cover - close one tab.Preserving document fading Crease or tear
Suitable for A4 size documents. Color: Different colors Product dimensions (width x length): 34.5 × 24.2 cm
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