Various Dimension for Adhesive tape
Paper Tape from Natural Materials Environmentally safe.Natural Rubber Glue Coating Sticky Sealed for durability.
Can be torn by hand to use.For closing the corner box or the invention for home, office and industrial.
Super Glue Water Glue (Pack of 2)
High quality hot glue fast drying.Glue gel For uneven surfaces, there are gaps to fill the surface texture.
Glue water For smooth surfaces.With screw cap Allows the glue does not smear when turned on. For repairing various materials such as wood, metal, ceramics, leather, rubber, vinyl, plastic and so on.
Rubber band with mixed colors
Rubber band made of rubber. The process of standard production.Good quality rubber latex, good elasticity is not easy.Suitable for strapping, bagging or other applications as appropriate.
Product dimensions (diameter): 4.5-5 cm / line (approx.)
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